Thursday, 12 January 2012

Looking Forward

After a great Christmas finished off with a wonderful holiday in the Scottish Highlands for Hogmany its back down to earth with a bump and it all seems like a distant memory! I thought I’d start 2012 by writing a blog to help me make sense of all the ideas floating around in my head and log my journey through 2012!

2011 ended with far too many project ideas and not enough time to complete most of them, I don’t make new years resolutions but my aim for this year is to dedicate more time to Ciliegia Designs and take it a step further from a hobby to try and build up a business, easier said than done though!  I started selling in the 2nd half of last year and one of the problems I found was that I wasn't prepared enough in time for things especially Christmas, I'm sure that there's other crafters out there that did the same. This year I'm determined to be more prepared so to help me I've set up a spread sheet with all the major dates of events in 2012 and dates of when I need to start which has already made me realise that realistically I should have been preparing for Valentines Day before Christmas! I've decided the way forward is to go back to my design roots and create mood boards / inspiration boards for each project for some much needed focus.

Anyway my first job of the year is complete, a fully printed set of wedding inviations which included fully printed inserts, RSVP cards and an information card.  (Photos to follow) The bride to be couldn't decide between 3 designs so finally decided to have a mixture of all 3.  As it was the first set I found the most time consuming part was getting the margins & wording etc correct, however now I have all the templates for future use so the the next order (fingers crossed I get one) shouldn't take quite as long.  I'm keen this year to have a range of wedding stationery, something which I talked about a lot last year and am excited at the prospect of getting it off the ground, so all thats left now is to invest some time get creative and expand on the designs I have so far!

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