Friday, 3 February 2012

February Already?

February already, how did that happen? Well I'm not long back from a fantasitc week snowboarding in La Rosiere, France, lots of snow, falls and bruises and sooo much harder than I expected it to be.  I knew it looked difficult but wow and it wasn't really until the last day it all clicked into place , my confidence grew and absolutely loved it, roll on next year! 

I've just realised that my first 2 posts have been after 2 holidays and I wonder why I'm not getting any designing done.  Less holidays and more work and it's time to really pull my finger out, starting this evening.  The plan for this eveing is to bring some focus to my Mother's Day ideas and get the print alternative to a card which has been floating around in my head all day ready for printing tomorrow.  This weekends other plans include making the curtains for my dining room that I've been saying I will make for weeks, making some wedding invitions and watching the opening matches of the 6 Nations Rugby, which has just reminded me that I'm away watching Wales at the Millenium Stadium next weekend, so much for no more holidays!

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