Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Typically English

It's been a great couple of weeks, Wales winning the Grand Slam, the start of the F1 season, seeing my mum and dad at the weekend, going out for a joint meal with my parents, my husband, his mum and dad, sister and their 3 kids for a joint Mother's Day and my nieces birthday meal and work wise I've been busier than I ever expected to be. Now I just need to catch up with all my unfinished projects and build up the ranges in my shop.  

One of my favourite print ranges are the regional / country ones, originally created from a request from my sister in law as she wanted a unique Scottish print for my father in laws birthday, then my Welsh parents wanted something different for their new house so I designed a Welsh one and then it snowballed into various other regions and areas, this is the latest one 'Typically English' which includes a selection of words associated with England.  the colour inspiration for this came from a customer last week who directed me to the Farrow & Ball website for a shade of green. Wow what gorgeous colours and I can't believe I've never looked there for colour inspiration before especially with my husband being a painter & decorator who has told me time and time again about Farrow & Ball colours!  I will definitely be using some of their colours for future projects. 

I've previously mentioned my bad habit of starting a project, doing a bit and moving on to a new one without finishing, well, grrr, I'm still doing it..........in my last post I showed a screen shot of a fairy princess invite, I've actually finished that one but have got no further than the parrot and head for the pirate invite :-( Anyway here's the finished Fenella Fairy Princess Invite.

Lets see how long it takes me to finish the pirate and the other illustrations and what's the betting that other products appear in my shop before they do!

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  1. Great new work!
    I love Farrow and Ball. Dead Salmon is such a cool name for a paint colour. The National Trust paint colours are also favourites of mine.