Friday, 10 February 2012

It's the Weekend

This week I've found a love for pastels & light colours, I'm currently loving light grey and have been working on a range of wedding stationery in this colour. I did get around to completing my first Mother's day offering, 60 wedding invites, a pair of curtains (just not the ones I'd planned on!) and a couple of other outstanding projects, so all in all not a bad week.  Here's a photo of the personalised Mother's Day print.

Also this week I've been sourcing the cheapest suppliers I can find and looking at my packaging costs, it's amazing what you can find e.g. a role of clear cellophane in my local craft shop costs £3 for 5 mtrs and I managed to find a 28 mtr role for £5.55 online with free p&p.  On all my orders I include a luggage tag style gift tag and when I looked at the cost of what I've been paying for these it added a chunk on the customers p&p so I decided to make my own upcycling any cardboard ready for the recycling bin at home.  I took a flattened beer cardboard box, brown paper, pva, a hole punch and string, I'll post a photo when I make another batch as the ones I've made this week have been sent.  This will lead making savings to both me and my customer with the added detail of being able to personalise them by printing onto the paper.

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  1. It's always so satisfying to find packaging bargains - it can really add up if you just go to the pretty shops! I'm trying to source dull but important stuff for a show at the Bluecoat in a couple of weeks.....Love the mother's day print too!